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Okay, well not me personally! But this is a phrase I have already been hearing way too much this year and the real hot weather hasn't even gotten here yet. So lets continue our first talk about maintenance and focus primarily on Air Conditioning. The Air Conditioner is easily one of our more important appliances we rely on to keep my wife from getting testy with me - I mean, keep us cool and comfy!

This appliance really only needs minimum maintenance, one of the most neglected parts of it is the return air filter, at least 2-3 times a season I recommend taking it down and cleaning it with a mild soap and water, rinsing well and letting it dry before re-installing. If it looks like it's deteriorating or damaged replace it with the same type, don't use an off brand that may be too dense and actually restrict the air flow hindering its operation, also if there are rubber bands that hold it in place and are losing their elasticity, replace them as well. Sorry, this is really all I would recommend the average RV owner doing themselves.

Next are things that should be done by an experienced tech. Okay me! At least every couple years the air conditioner should be taken apart and the coils should be given a proper cleaning, they are made of a very soft metal and can be easily damaged as well as being sharp. It is important that they be kept clean, if dirt and grime are allowed to build up on them they cannot transfer the cold or heat adequately causing poor cooling. This can happen easily when we see customers remove the filter and now the coils act as a sort of filter themselves. Since A/Cs are a sealed system, a good tech will check for proper condensate drainage and also perform an amperage draw test giving a little indication of the compressors operating state.

Finally the bolts that secure it too the roof should be checked for proper tightness, this too should be done by a tech as you don't want to be just torqueing down all the bolts thinking the tighter the better. There is a proper amount and this changes over time, as the gasket relaxes and conforms it gets loose causing water to leak inside instead of running off the roof. Eventually the gasket needs to be replaced, I do that too!

There are also other checks an experienced tech does to help your A/C perform as it should. So before the REALLY hot weather arrives, check your filter and give me a call, we'll help you not be so hot, even when your spouse says otherwise! Until then.....

Camp Safely! Bill

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